Plumbing/Piping/Freeze Damage/Fire Protection Sprinkler Piping

Webster Mechanical Engineering (WME) provides forensic consulting services for water damage incidents involving water pipe fractures, plumbing fixture malfunction, freeze damage, and sewage back-up.

WME provides:

  • On-site and laboratory examinations and testing of piping systems, plumbing fixtures, pumps, and water utilizing appliances (clothes washers, dish washers, commercial coffee dispensers, ice makers, etc.) to determine the cause of the loss, whether due to freeze damage, product deficiency, improper installation, operator error, or physical abuse.
  • Examination of piping systems subjected to freeze damage conditions, which includes thorough examinations of the piping system as well as the structure’s construction, heating systems, insulation, air infiltration rate, utility fuel usage, and reviews of local historic weather data to determine the conditions leading to the freeze damage incident.
  • Examination and testing of failed or fractured fire protection sprinkler piping and components on wet type and dry type fire protection systems involved in water damage incidents to determine whether the loss was due to freeze damage, product deficiency, improper installation, insufficient maintenance, or physical abuse.

Our principle engineer’s pre-professional experience as an apprentice, journeyman, and master plumber, as well as his professional experience as a plumbing design engineer gives him a vast knowledge of plumbing systems and components. His subsequent forensic experience provides a unique perspective on piping system losses.


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